Australia Designates 125 Million Dollars to Execute Projects in Iraq

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    Al Samawa: General Roger Nobel, commander of the Australian forces working in Al Muthana province, said, "The Australian government has approved the designation of a sum of 125 million dollars to execute projects in Iraq, including 2 million dollars for Al Muthana

    for the execution of projects that serve citizens in all human aspects, during the coming months, after the agreement with the province council. There would be a meeting with the coalition forces with regard to the means of handling the projects.

    In a special statement for Al Mada, he said, "Our forces have opened a communication channel between Iraqis and Australians, as there are civil community organizations in Australia that desire to finance specific projects and only need communication with the organizations existing in Iraq."

    He confirmed, "The first of our tasks is training the Iraqi army and police, maintaining security and protecting the Japanese forces existing in Al Samawa. Our work is conducted through coordination with the police department of the British forces, so as to overcome terrorists and criminals. We are also seeking establishing friendly relations with Al Muthana residents.

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