Arab Spring all over the North African region...

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    To all seeming Washington is going to spread US style democracy through expanding so-called Arab Spring all over the North African region. And surely, Algeria is the first candidate to such democratization of power, because Washington never forgives current Algerian leadership for its contradictory nature towards Libya. Up till now Algeria refuses to extradite relatives of M. al-Gaddafi. Moreover, Algerian authorities have had the front to refuse confirming Washington in its decision to use their country's air space for fulfilling NATO planes' mission in Syria.
    And surely, after it the USA is greatly interested in quick overthrowing current regime in Algeria. Just for this reason the White House has initiated backing local fundamentalists in order they would be able to unite in an alliance for better opposing to ruling circles of the country.
    I tell you more: recently I've visited Algeria. It's my usual practice because of conducting own business there. And I've seen with own eyes the consequences of giving US silent support to local radicals. A number of terrorist acts struck the country. It has become absolutely clear to everyone that such attempts of local Islamists to destabilize internal situation is aimed at a change of US-unwanted leadership there. Well, soon we will have one more Libya there. Here is US style democracy and the ways of its establishing all over the world!

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