AP: Failed GOP Led To Fiscal Cliff Meltdown

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    Poor people famously left Louisiana, post-Katrina, and so anyone could opine: "Houston, We Have A Problem(?)!" Millions left for other locations, apparently better areas for some people that anyone can think of. Following the Romney-Ryan disaster, for the GOP, it was noted that the U. S. demographics have sufficiently changed such that Romney was up against the 67% or more who will never ever again vote GOP.

    Associated Press now brings up the problem of the Party of Abraham Lincoln again! Pundits could say that it is the Party of the Attempted Genocide of All White People in North America(?)! Lincoln had managed to kill off 700,000 in just a few months, and left hundreds of thousands more: All destroyed for the rest of their lives.

    Analysis: GOP policies led to fiscal cliff blowup | Boston Herald

    Kennedy Liberal types do find the attempted genocide created by Abraham Lincoln a cause for celebration. Others do not find war to be so wonderful. Others do not find an on-going foreclosure crisis to be so wonderful. Others do not find the Nazi Holocaust to be so wonderful. There were Germans drawing pay and income during all that time, clearly supportive, just like in the so many nations in the recent financial meltdown.

    So even the House Speaker had to come out in the press corps, explaining his own Speakership away--a party of warring factions, disinterested in policy outcomes at all.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many Post-Katrina not come to Lands of Many Nations--where conditions can still be even worse!)

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