Another claim that 9/11 didn't happen under Bush

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mmmjvpssm, Jul 15, 2011.

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    Eric Bolling on Fox, and of course none of the other Fox aholes correct him. And don't try and tell me this was any %%%%$$@ honest mistake. It is something that we're going to be hearing more and more especially as voters get younger and younger. The idea is that a good proportion of them believe it (Hey it must be true, none of the other people there corrected him) and they'll figure that that big attack they've heard about, the one that happened "somewhere around the turn of the century" the older people refer to as simpy "9/11" must have happened on Clinton's watch.

    Part of this strategy is the follow up comments along the lines which are obviously trying to get us to ignore it when they say there were no attacks under Bush because it was "an honest mistake"
    He did make an honest mistake with "2008" clearly he meant 2009 but confusing the year the President is elected with the year he took office does happen. Forgetting when 9/11 happened doesn't

    BTW, none of the other assholes there corrected him

    I just researched the Rudy and Perino "no attacks under Bush and they were't corrected either, Rudy on ABC and Perino on Fox. What the %@+! is wrong with these people

    found this too

    Fox News' Eric Bolling delivered an angry, emotional response to the attention he received for mistakenly saying there had been no domestic terror attacks during President Bush's term.

    Since the statement--which Bolling made on Wednesday's episode of "The Five"--omitted 9/11, Bolling drew some ridicule. On Thursday's episode, he addressed his critics directly, with his voice shaking. Bolling said that "obviously" he had meant that there were no domestic terror attacks in the aftermath of 9/11, but that the "radical liberal left pounced on us and me" instead of letting the statement go.

    He then assured people that he remembered 9/11 all too well

    "letting the statement go" In other words don't correct. And I'm sure he does remember 9/11. He didn't make that statement because he forgot about 9/11
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    As usual the RW pundit/journalist/whatever, blamed Liberals for "stooping" to such "petty" disagreements.

    These people are DISGUSTING!

    All under the leadership of scandal-embroiled Murdoch.

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