An inside Job-- movie review

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    Perhaps a more digestable way for some of you folks to get a grasp of what an amazing set of dunderheaded moves it took to crash our economy.

    I particularly advise those of you who cling to your desperate partisan POVs to consider watching this movie.

    As I have been saying over and over again, it took the collective minds and wills of leaders in both parties, and the collective indifference of most of America's capitains of the banking and finance industries to create this cockup that threatens the entire world finances.

    Perhaps this film will help some of you get that.

    Of course there are various books that will tell you the same thing in greater (and more painful) detail, but as it is apparent that few of read that sort of tome, this movie might be informative.

    Folks we have got to stop depending on political parties, government or corporations to look out for our interests.

    They are essentially the SAME DAMNED PEOPLE and they truly do not give a rat's ass what happens to us down here on Maine Street.

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