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Discussion in 'Economy' started by AVG-JOE, Oct 8, 2010.

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    This just SUCKS! :evil:

    I just got word that the largest tax I pay is going up again this year! And for what? NOTHING, that's what!

    I fork over $75 - $100 a paycheck for my fair share of the military, roads, keeping po' folks off the streets, FBI, CIA, FDA, FEEMA, NSA, NASA, Etc.... I truly don't mind paying it and this tax is not predicted to go up for me.

    I also fork over $170 - $200 per paycheck so that I'll have a guaranteed income when I'm too old to work. It too is not predicted to change and I truly don't mind paying for that security - I'd bet that the tax could be lowered or the benefit raised if We, The Peeps would hire a couple of those Wall Street bastards to conservatively invest those dollars instead of just buying Treasury Bills with it, but that's a story for another thread.

    Each and every pay-day I also shell out $40 - $50 in tax for the healthcare it's predicted I'll need after age 65 and, honestly that seems like a pretty reasonable deal that is not expected to change too.

    What's making me see red is the fucking medical tax! Each and every pay check I'm getting pinched for $340 - that's $735 per month!! That tax went up in 2009, it went up in 2010 and I just got word that it's going up again in 2011! :evil:

    Admittedly, that tax covers both me and my wife, but we're still looking at spending $400 each, every fucking month for health care and neither of us have seen a healthcare professional for services since we moved to this state in 2008!

    What a scam! There's a Bureaucracy out there that's charging me $400 a month for NOTHING! Sure, I get a little peace of mind knowing that if I get sick or hurt between now and my 65th birthday I'll have help with the bills to the tune of about 80% but come on, the odds are overwhelming that most of the money my wife and I are spending on 'health care' is going to pay for nice cars and fine homes for the bureaucrats that tax my paycheck $700 - $800 per month and when I get old and actually start needing services, those bastards are going to make the rest of you pay for my medical services via Medicare.

    I wish I could just buy into Medicare now... that way, when I turn 65 and start actually using healthcare services, I won't feel so guilty about the claims I present to your kids for payment.

    Chumps. Every fucking one of us.

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    Property Taxes are also increasing dramatically all across the country. This Socialist/Progressive spending insanity comes with a hefty price tag. Someone always pays. Nothing is for free. They have spent us into Hell and now they're scrambling for ways to start paying for it. Unfortunately no amount of tax increases can pay for their spending madness. It rally is that bad. The Tax Man cometh for sure. :(

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