Al-Sadr Followers Start Giving Up Weapons

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    BAGHDAD, Iraq — Followers of radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr trickled in to police stations in Baghdad's Sadr City district to hand in weapons Monday in a first step toward bringing peace to the Shiite militant stronghold after weeks of fighting with U.S. forces.

    In western Mosul, meanwhile, a suicide car bomb exploded as an American military convoy was passing by, killing at least two Iraqis and wounding 18, witnesses said. Initial reports indicated there also were also military casualties, a U.S. statement said, without providing figures.

    Also Monday, Al-Arabiya television broadcast video of three hooded gunmen threatening to behead a Turkish hostage within three days unless the Americans release all Iraqi prisoners and all Turks leave Iraq.

    In preparation for the turnover of weapons, checkpoints were set up along the roads to three Sadr City police stations, and Iraqi National Guard members took up positions on surrounding rooftops.

    At al-Nasr station, police Maj. Kadhim Salman said fighters had turned in machine guns, TNT paste, land mines and other explosives. Many of the weapons appeared old and rusted. Nonetheless, the government was hopeful the process would spell the end of the Shiite revolt and enable the Americans and their Iraqi allies to shift attention to the more extensive Sunni Muslim insurgency.

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