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    12 Year Old "Crystal's"
    Letter to Santa Claus...

    As you may know, we on the "Rob, Arnie & Dawn" show along with our station in Sacramento, 98 Rock, have been granting wishes to people as part of our "17 Days of Christmas." We have received so many thousands of wishes, and in a perfect world, we would make them all come true. But we got ahold of this wish, and we knew we had to do what we could to make something happen for this little girl.

    The letter you are about to read (which was featured yesterday morning on our show) was written by a 12 year old girl named Crystal. She hand wrote the letter to Santa Claus and actually attempted to mail the letter. Given that Santa Claus doesn't exactly have an "actual" mailing address, this letter found it's way into the hands of a concerned postal worker, who brought it to us.

    **If you want to hear the actual on-air feature of Rob reading the letter live on the air, just click here. (It's in the "Audio Files" menu as the very first listing, entitled "17 Days of Christmas Letter to Santa Claus")

    **If after you read the letter, you think Crystal could use a helping hand from you click here or email 98 Rock Director of Promotions John Nelson directly at jnelson@entercom.com. Please be sure to leave your name, your telephone number, what you would like to offer, and the best way for us to reach you.

    Everything else you are about to read is Crystal's letter to Santa Claus, unaltered, in its entirety.

    Dear Santa,

    Please help. I am a 12 year old girl and am not sure about you being real. My mom says as long as there is love in the world you are real. So I will write this and hope for a Christmas miracle. My mom adopted my 8 year old brother and I three years ago. My brother is very ill because our birth mother did drugs when she was pregnant with him. Our adopted mother had to sell her home and give up her new car to pay the attorney to get us. Our first and second Christmas with her have been the only ones we have ever had. Mom worked two jobs to make it special. My mom has breast cancer and cannot work. We have no money for a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, much less presents. This may be our last holidays together if the Kemo does not make mom well. I was cleaning moms desk for her and found a pawn ticket were she sold the pearls her granny left her. She also sold the camcorder, she really loved these items. I heard my mom praying last night and she was crying so much. She told God that she needed new tenny shoes since hers were full of holes and her feet got so cold but she did not care if her feet froze as long as long as she could get us some warm clothes and a stereo for me and leap frog to help my brother with his learning disbilties for Christmas. Santa I have never heard mom cry before. Please if there is a Santa who cares like God does please help. I don't want anything myself. Please just give my mom shoes and my brother his leapfrog learning thing. And if you can Christmas Dinner would make mom happy since she says Christmas and Easter are celebrations of Christ and the most important holidays. If you don't or can't do this I still believe what mom says. As long as there is love there is a Santa Claus. Mom has saved us from so much abuse when she adopted us, she has sacrifised so much for us. Even after Kemo when she is so sick she reminds us how much she loved us and takes care of us all by herself. She deserves to quit crying and to be happy. She has changed mine and Brians tears of pain and abuse to happy laughter. That is all I want for Christmas is my mom and brother to be happy.


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