“5” step plan”

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    “5” STEP PLAN”

    Lady Bachman, people don’t care about the national debt or the budget. They care about jobs, and their families. Some working and some not and the cuts that are made that affect them. Cutting benefits for the poor and cutting taxes for the rich will do noting to create jobs and does nothing to pay down the debt and economy.
    With a GOP Congress and GOP administration we will be taken back to stone age economics.
    How to fix the nation’s ills made sick by Bushites;

    1. Let the tax cuts for the wealthy expire.
    2. Force businesses to bring back those jobs from overseas.
    3. Spend Government money on job training programs, like CETA and Job Corp.
    4. Make college free for those students who want to be doctors, nurses and other medical care professionals, etc. Other public service industries.
    5. Another stimulus (like the one the GOP generously asked for and used and created jobs for their people) to fix intro structure and create jobs.

    Until we follow the “Number 5 plan” we can expect the car to remain in the ditch.

    People don’t GAF about nation’s debt or budget but jobs. If people are working they pay taxes and patriotic Americans workers don’t mind paying more taxes if it secures their jobs. Jobs mean freedom and not freedom from Government. You can get free from Government and live in the hills without a job. Cutting government jobs and freezing salaries, cutting benefits (entitlements) to the poor, elderly, children, disabled and unemployed will do nothing to pay down the debt and balance the budget. Same old GOP song at a with a different tune.
    In order for the “5” Step Plan” to work, the 20 million Illegal Aliens have to be rounded up and deported, thus releasing 8 million jobs for unemployed Americans.

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