2007 celebration of jamestown.

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    2007 CELEBRATION OF JAMESTOWN.Just another thing to piss me off.
    Jamestown invasion and occupation of the Americas marked the annihilation and genocide of many native American tribes and the beginning of 200 years of hard work for Blacks. Before Jamestown was Indian town and it was not lost. The Americas did not need exploring. Maybe Mexicans are discovering a new America by their invasion and occupation. Why didn’t they stay in England and fight for their freedom there? Had it not been for the natives, the Newbies would not never survived. How did the repay them? By killing them, raping their women and taking their land. No cause for celebration that I can see. Celebrations of founding of Jamestown is a slap in the face of every Native American and Black. And what pissed me off more was some black family let their black child take part in the celebration?

    At least Bush acknowledge that Jamestown meant destruction of the Natives and beginning of slavery for Blacks.

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