100 Year Contract with Federal Reserve

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Clementine, Jan 16, 2013.

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    We haven't heard much about this, but I thought the contract that allows the private banks to control our money expired after 100 years. Did Obama consider having the government resume it's consitutional duty to print and circulate our money?

    After the constant bashing on the left regarding the 1%, who basically consist of members of the Federal Reserve, namely Lehman Brothers , Rockefeller Brothers and the mighty Goldman Sachs. Of course, some foreign banks are included, like Rothschild's of London and Berlin, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Israel Moses Seaf of Italy, Kuhn and Loeb of Germany.

    Those are the private banks who control the world by controlling the money. They never should have been given that responsibility. It was a liberal president that made that incredibly stupid decision.

    Will Obama put a stop to these big banks holding us hostage or will he insist that we set things right and put the responsibility back where it was meant to be? Can he stand up to them?

    I hope I don't get the usual drive-by lip service and insults and instead get some real input. I'd like to know if others feel it's time to get back to the constitution when it comes to our monetary system. Or do some prefer that private banks continue to control it?
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    The last names of the people involved basically tells you what group and foreign nation controls our money. :cool:

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