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Your face will soon be the key to all your devices


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Oct 14, 2016
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It was a memorable moment in Pixar’s 2004 classic “The Incredibles,” one that seemed wildly futuristic at the time: Mr. Incredible picks up a wafer-thin tablet computer, and it scans his face to verify his identity before divulging his secret mission. Thirteen years later, many slim phones and tablets unlock with the press of a thumb—and just this sort of mobile facial scanning is on the way. Forget fiddling with passwords or even fingerprints; forget multiple layers of sign-in; forget

Your Face Will Soon Be the Key to All Your Devices

Oh but it so cool to have your entire life dictated and spied on by the Government, and putting you out there for easy hacking.
All those sci fi movies you've watched where people cut off your finger to access your account and access your money, bank accounts etc................. well way to go dumbasses now instead of your purse getting stolen, or wallet now you get to lose your body parts...........

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