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Woman Goes To UN Meeting, Horrified At What Obama’s Sleeper Cells Have Planned For US Neighborhoods


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Jun 27, 2019
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President Trump has been battling liberals every day ever since he enacted the migrant travel ban. However, there is one woman who sits in on many of the United Nations’ meetings regarding refugee resettlement to the United States that stands by Trump. She is doing everything she can to make people aware of a real Muslim invasion. The information she has is quite disturbing and is proof that America is intentionally being taken over by higher-ups in our national government. If Liberals have their way and Trump is unable to stop whatever is happening with his executive orders, America will never be the same.

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She also dispels the propaganda that the invaders are primarily women and children, a tactic to pull on the heartstrings of the American people, stating “The vast majority of ‘refugees’ that we’ve received here in Missouri have been males, between the ages of 15 and upwards towards 40, 45 years old.” Josh Tolley notes the similarity to the situation we saw playing out in Europe.

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