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Whose duty to arrest and punished who responsible for killing 13 SHIAIAN-E-ALI


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Mar 4, 2011
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Karachi, Pakistan
Whose duty to arrest and punished who responsible for killing 13 SHIAIAN-E-ALI in Quetta ON Eidul Fitar
I want to express deepest regret and sadness when heard news that on EIDUL FITAR Yazadi followers killed 13 innocent Shiaian-e-Ali in Quetta the terrorist activities took place when they are offer Eid prayer.

I want to ask a simple question from the Chief Minister of Quetta and Prime Minister of Pakistan why injustice with Shiaian-e-Ali continues in Pakistan, whose instruction the Yazadi followers killing the dream of false paradise or reward.

What Quetta Police are doing protecting the killers and shelter or always busy how to arrest the innocent people from Shia’s and proof that are linked with Killer or terrorists.

Shame on all those who are responsible and knowing who are behind the killing of innocent Shia’s but in spite of these protecting the killers in order to safe own job. Tell how long you people will protect the killer from facing punishment. You have courage to do same practice when death angle come to capture your soul than how you protect your loyal terrorists who have killed thousand Shia’s only to oblige and happy foreign God.

I must say Go to hell all those who are responsible for killing and tell what is the crime committed by Shiaian-e-Ali. Request to God to destroy terrorists entire net work and plus those who are helping and supporting making an advance booking for HELL where they deserve to stay forever.

If our Baluchistan Government can’t protect the life of innocents than what reasons still in Government must resign and immediate basis announce compensate those victim families who lost their male family members minimum amount of 1.0 Million ( Ten Lacs Only ).

Whose duty to arrest the culprits and give an example punishment but I must say Pakistan is heaven for all type of terrorist activities without any fear to face punishment plus protection provided. What a country which has law only limits to studies in text but yet not single terrorists yet hanged or punished.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )


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Jun 5, 2008
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Whose duty to arrest and punished who responsible for killing 13 SHIAIAN-E-ALI

NOT America's.

Beyond that I do not know.


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