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Who is the Obama Administation Praying Win the GOP Primaries


Apr 22, 2007
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Romney - No F'ing way. Romney would do the best with independents and the GOP would back him regardless. Romney is who they least want.

Perry - No F'ing way. Perry's message of job creating Texas (producing more jobs that all the 49 others combined) would be hard for even the most dishonest liberals to counter effectively. Obama will be on retreat when in come to the economy so you don't want a guy with a PROVEN job growing record going against you.

Cain - No F'ing way. They won't be able to play the race card. They will lose on the economic argument, since Cain has a plan and Obama has only failed policies.

Bachmann - Yep, he would like her. She comes off like a fool most of the time. She also comes off looking radical which will turn off independents.

Palin - Ditto

Paul - This is who they pray night and day for. I bet Obama's administration donates money to his campaign, LOL. It wouldn't hard to protray Paul an extreme radical (since he is one and not bashful about it). The race card could effectively be played, with the newsletters and his dimwit son coming out against the Civil Rights Act (that might work in KY, but not across the country)! Independents would be very very scared. He wouldn't have support of the mainstream GOP. Right leaners like me would hold my nose and vote for the Big O. A conservative 3rd party candidate would emerge and grab possible 30% of the conservative vote! He would be a gift to the Democrats running for Congress also. They would say this is who represents the GOP, they are radical. It would be a trickle down effect! Democrats would pick up seats they otherwise won't! Paul would be bad for conservative turnout!
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