White House Calls a Lid on First Saturday of Administration – Biden Goes Into Hiding for the Rest of the Day


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Jun 22, 2020
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On 50 jobs will be created by thid. But the right eing media will be disingenuous and leave out the facts and these dumb whites will repeat the lies.
Damn, you're one illiterate racist fuck. Calm down, kid.

Canon Shooter

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Jan 7, 2020
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Fuck you. You bitches have never stopped blaming Obama for things he never did. So you can kiss the innermost moistest portion of my black ass.
No can do, Sambo. Undoubtedly there'd be a great big white dick up there, havin' its way with you...

Millions of people don't have jobs today because of trump. And millions have lost their jobs forever because of trump. 50 people lost jobs and Biden saved millions of lives and jobs by ending a potential disaster that could have pisoned the biggest underground water acquifer in the US.
Hey, moolie, isn't there some cotton needs pickin' somewhere?

I haven't said a fucking word about Obama, so shut your monkey ass up and stop lying.

Biden killed jobs. He did that.

Now, with regards to the pipeline, if the oil isn't transferred via pipeline, you know how it gets to where it needs to go? It goes by rail.

You know who's heavily invested in the rail lines which will move that oil if there's no pipeline?

George Soros.

He makes an astronomical amount of money every day the pipeline is delayed. Biden didn't kill it because it could've poisoned anything. He killed it because Soros, who benefits financially when the oil is transported by rail, told him to...

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