What you Prefer Big Dogs or Little Dogs?

Jack Russell fan -


I was stood at the bottom of the stairs. Usong Pixlar, I've zoomed in and cropped the picture, hence the diminished quality.
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I’ll bet they’re a handful!
Quite the opposite, brought up to eat from the same plate, to share.

Benson - Boy peace keeper. Hardly ever barks, aged 11, looks after everyone. Snores through fireworks. One ear up, one ear down.

Brontë - Girl aged one, little and dainty, sits like a meerkat, a little tyke, makes a little gritty noise when you scrub her tummy. Wonders what the firework noise is about. Both ears up

Brandi - Girl just over aged one, daft as a brush, can't fault her appetite, tells everything and everyone off. Very soft side to her, hides because of noise, doesn't like fireworks. Both ears down.

Hoping Benson and Brandi will have puppies when she's 2. Keep a girl puppy and call her Bryony. Then when we lose Benson, buy a boy puppy and call him Bentley. So we'll hopefully have four one day.

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