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Don't Buy A Dog



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Nov 26, 2011
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Black dogs like black children are considered hard to adopt----people just don't want to adopt them even though there are many great black dogs. They spend a far longer time in the shelters and it takes a lot longer if ever to adopt them out.
Every dog I have ever owned was black. :lol:


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Aug 21, 2020
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I've actually considered it. However, my wife suffered a serious brain injury a few years ago and one of my kids is mentally disabled, so I have my hands full.

The German Sheperd/Black Lab was actually trained as a service dog. I liked to tell people he was an ex-cop and an ex-con. :)

After a while, my wife felt self-conscious about using him and he just became the family pet.

But I wanted a very powerful dog with really big teeth protecting her when she was out and about without me.

One of the cool things about my new pit bull is that he does not bark. The Yorkie yips like crazy when anyone comes near our house. The pit bull just lumbers up to the door and sits and waits.

I have a fantasy of a burglar hearing our little dog barking and thinking it is safe to break in, and then there's the pit bull. :lol:
My grandmother had a border collie that was trained as a security dog. Her training was to hold intruders. Anyone could come into the house, but she wouldn’t let them leave without a command.


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Sep 9, 2016
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Don't buy a dog. Rescue one.

You can pay up to four figures for a dog these days, which is stupid when you can get one for next to nothing from an animal shelter. Thanks to the internet, it's even better now since you can adopt a dog from anywhere in the country which meets your exact specifications.

I've had dogs my entire life. I currently have two. A Yorkie mix I inherited when my mother died, and a black pit bull I adopted last October.

There were a hundred people coming and going at my parents' house when my mom died. The Yorkie picked me. She cuddled up next to me and would not leave my side. I didn't even know her since I live thousands of miles from my parents. I guess my mom directed her to me.

She was three at the time and my mother never house trained her! Why I don't know.

When I brought her home, my oldest daughter latched onto her immediately and now the Yorkie is her dog.

Do you know how hard it is to house train a three year old dog? Oh...my...god. Fuggedaboutit. It took forever.

I also had a German Sheperd/Black Lab dog who had been a police dog. I adopted him from a prison where the inmates trained them for civilian life. He was the most serious dog I have ever seen in my life. But with us, his inner puppy came out and he was a real joy. That dog stuck to me like Velcro for the rest of his life.

When my big dog passed, I thought I would not get another dog. I was too heartbroken. But the day came when I started looking.

I started in the local area. The Humane Society in my state does not execute dogs no matter how long it takes to get them adopted. I wanted a pit bull but none of them were young enough for me. I wanted one about 2 years old.

Just as a side note, when I lived in Virginia, they local pet lockup executed dogs after just 15 days. We adopted a Black Lab mix on his last day on Earth. He turned out to be a fricking Einstein of dogs. Incredibly brilliant. If he had started talking, it would not have set me aback one bit.

Anyway, after the Humane Society was a no-go, I tried another pet adoption agency and went to meet 2 pit bulls. The lady hosting them had 13 fricking dogs in her house. That's ridiculous. She was obviously milking for money. Anyway, the two pitties were way too wild.

Pit bulls have a bad reputation, but they are actually one of the best dogs you could ever ask for. You have to deliberately ruin them to make them vicious.

So I turned to the internet. A web site called Petfinder. And I laid out my wishes and a few days later I was sent a link to a page for this black pit bull and it even had some video of him.

I fell in love immediately.

This dog was way down in Texas at a pet shelter run by an evangelical lady. This dog had been tied to a tree for the first two years of his life, and when he was rescued he was covered in mange and fleas and had heartworms.

I think if you get a dog and then tie it to a tree for two years, you should go to prison for at LEAST two years. :mad-61::mad-61::mad-61::mad-61::mad-61:

I think it cost me something like $350 to have the dog trucked to where I live. They had him fixed, and cured his mange, and rid him of his fleas and heartworms. $350!!

You just can't beat that.

The church lady told a little fib, though. She said he was house trained.

Nope. And it should have occurred to me there is no way a dog tied to a tree his whole life would be house trained. Duh!

Do you know how hard it is to train a 2-year old dog who is not house trained? Oh...my...god. Fuggedaboutit.

But this dog is a genius. He may be even smarter than the Black Lab was. He learns very, very quickly. And once he learns something, he learns it well.

So I bought this guy some dog toys. The first toy I gave him was a stuffed dog bone, which is pictured below. I gave him other stuffed toys and rope toys and those toys which supposedly are tiger proof. He destroyed all of them in very short order. I am having to keep him in constant supply of toys. And I have stopped giving him stuffed toys since I am tired of picking up stuffing from all over the house.

But there is one toy he will not destroy. The very first one I gave to him. He carries it around in his jaws and takes very good care of it. He takes it to bed with him and always keeps it close by.

Tied to a tree for two years. MotherFUCKER!!!

As soon as our new pittie was dislodged from the truck from Texas, we took him directly to a large dog park.

When we set him loose, he did not know what to do and he just looked at me.

Tied to a tree for two years, you see.

He finally realized he could take off, and he did. Holy shit, he went wild. He ran and hugged every human in the park and greeted every dog.

After being tied to a tree for two years, he's a little clumsy but I take him to the park so his body can learn muscle and limb coordination.

Don't buy a dog. Rescue one.

I don’t like you or anything you stand for….but I love that you love your dogs kids like you do.
Helluva post….Bravo! :clap2:

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