What are you listening to?

Tom Jones is a thing all unto Tom Jones, for real. He's an enigma.

Him and another dude are just..their own things..to be respected for sure.

Omy, he's from Wales. Tommy gets it the very next post he makes.

About subdivisions..

I do not like Alex Lifeson's style. That's a personal thing and it doesn't mean he's not good.
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Last thing I played on my 100w RCA stereo mathingy:

Oh whoops! That's wrong, it's this:

Man, going to bed is out right now.

One does listen to fast rock n roll late at night and then just go to bed.

I learned that one night in around 2006, I was dozing off, watching Letterman.

Motherfuckin' John Fogarty comes out and bangs out this fast rockin' song. Damn I didn't get to sleep for half the night.

That was damn awesome though! :dunno:

Oh! This 2nd song here. I plan on playing that on a bar jukebox soon.
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Oh, here's to mah fishin' buddy!
He wore this one out and I wore out the Ratt.

Cinderella was good! Poison, notsomuch.
Cinderella was like the very last L.A. Strip band. They were good, God bless mah buddy.

The one with the Pinto we stuffed a 302 into and he burned around town with it with Cinderella in the tape player.

Right away in the solo they do the Chuck Berry? That's a winner in my book, but I'm very easy.

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