We know Lefties hate Russian interference, how about Big Tech / Social Media election interference..are you okay with that?


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Jan 14, 2020
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The ends justify the means.

The goal is to destroy this government and replace it with a global collectivist state. The means of production belong to the workers of the world and they should not be exploited to benefit a few billionaires in NYC. All nations must be destroyed eventually to make the planet an egalitarian homogeneous place for humanity to properly flourish. It is a crime against humanity that billions of people struggle to live while manufacturing hideous clothing Americans wear once and throw away. It's a crime against humanity that we throw away more food than the rest of the world can produce, while children starve in the street. America must face it's comeuppance, so even if the ballot boxes have to be stuffed, so be it. Stalin had to do a few nasty things to make Russia a superpower in 30 years. If we have to do a few things to make the world a single power and eliminate war, genocide and hunger then there is no rule that shouldn't be broken to achieve that end.
Stalin had to do a few nasty things?
If by “a few nasty things” you mean kill 30+ million, then sure.
I hope you are a troll account.

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