Vivek Ramaswamy single-handedly defeats Ukraine propaganda on Fox News and pro-BLM propaganda on CNN


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May 12, 2022
This was amazing. Ramaswamy is as American as it gets. You can look at the CNN anchor going on and on constantly about this idea that Ramaswamy is hyping up “antisemitism”…. Then Ramaswamy uses Biden’s own words, which was basically a reckless viewpoint on immigration by Biden to get the point across. But the CNN interviewer goes on and on with accusations of anti-Semitism sounding very annoying and basically totalitarian. She’s clearly using terms like racism and antisemitism to try and stifle debate.

Meanwhile wrt Fox News Ramaswamy is debunking the Ukraine is a democracy myth. Bringing up excellent points about why the United States should not be sending hundreds of billions of dollars to Ukraine. The Fox News anchor is going on and on with propaganda points about how we should support Ukraine.

What is clear about all of this as most of us know. The mass media in America is not a populous thing. They are for the elite by the elite and they are getting crushed in the ratings by people like Tucker Carlson on X, who commands hundreds of millions of views. Along with other alternative media outlets.
Van Jones of CNN, who is on record in front of a camera, saying “all white people have a virus” is seen after the interview saying he was “shaking”, watching Ramaswamy talk. It’s almost patently ridiculous to even watch CNN anymore. You got guys like Van Jones who is a millionaire Saying what he is saying ….while millions of black-and-white people in America are deciding how to use what little money they have on either gas or food if they can even afford it. It really is something…. if a white man ever said “all Black people have a virus” he would be fired from his job instantaneously ….this van Jones guy is still on CNN.

This BLM propaganda, these elitist millionaires getting in front of a camera, saying how “anti-Semitism or racism is a problem in America” is an insult to the country. And it has no place in this country. Otoh we need to eliminate poverty in this country, we should do something about having better healthcare for Americans, more healthy Americans, do something about low child birth rates, do something about high depression rates among young people. Ramaswamy is one of a few politicians who is talking about the real issues.
Ramaswamy is afraid to even address trump. Why is he even running while he's still trying to stay in trump's good graces.

You're never going to eliminate poverty unless you exterminate people who are content doing as little as possible and don't mind living under bridges. Further, gov't has NO BUSINESS AT ALL messing with ANY INDUSTRY, especially HC.
Trump has set the bar and now the rest will follow "Candidates say the darndest thing"

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