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Nov 14, 2012
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So there was a guy posting this on Facebook in a Venezuelan group.
Below a picture of Trump, he was stating that they will have their Christmas meal earlier this year.
And Trump supporters, don´t complain, this post wasn´t necessary at all, it would not have appeared if Trump did MAGA in the US instead of Venezuela.
So here it goes:

We will have Hallacas for November.
So many memories come to my mind, reminiscing those December days when we killed a pig at home.
December 23, it was the perfect day to sacrifice the pig and make the hallacas for the 24th of that month.
The sunrise cephire sanitized the faces of men women and children who, at the bars of parties, spirits and good wine, wrapped hearts in enthusiastic joy and dancers.
Today the times have changed, as the once pig will be sacrificed before time.
Venezuela and the world is looking forward to this event. There will be party everywhere to celebrate that great epic.
The rubbish, petty quadruped is expected to be immolated by the 3th of November 2020.
What peace and compromise would the world get with this event!, we will all exclaim in unison that freedom they will fight in that fiery battle with the Powerful North, they are economic matches that are won, without dropping clever bombs, or remotely directed rockets.
And there, in the northern prairies, they will prove that they are not eunuchs, they also have deep and atavic roots of the ′′ Siux ′′ or ′′ Red Skins ", who gave their lives to defend their territories there in those mountains... And today, that libertadora stretching them into borbollones.
We will be eating Hallacas on November 3, 2020!

(translated by facebook)

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