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US Army Photo of the Day: Man’s Best Friend


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Sep 21, 2012
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Sin City
Posted by Robbie Cooper on 10/8/2012
Oct 082012

Cant’ tell you how much I love this picture from the 4th Battalion, 319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment:


SPC Lamme and SGT Diego

SPC Lamme and SGT “Diego” return back to base after a long, hard day of patrolling the mountains of Northern Wardak.

First of all…damn…how freak’n tired do you have to be to just lay down and take a quick nap on a pile of rocks?

Second of all…how awesome is it that the dog outranks his handler? And, in true NCO fashion, SGT Diego, even at rest, is busting the balls of the men beneath him.

And finally, God bless our Soldiers (and their canine friends). I hope for nothing more than for these two brave souls to find their way home, soon.

NOTE: At first glance, I thought that Sgt. Diego was a German Shepard, but he looks a little small for a German Shepard, so I’m thinking he might actually be a Belgian Malinois.


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