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Unconstitutional: Day of Prayer


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Oct 3, 2009
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Judge: Natl Day Of Prayer Unconstitutional Liveshots

This is a huge victory for the propagation of religion in this society. I know it may seem like to some the the communist left just killed religion. I'm sure they think that but they don't realize that this does not do anything to prohibit the free excorcise of any religion by any person in society. In fact, it will strengthen religion and simultaniously weaken the state because as the government withdraws out of this area people the people will be more and more free to choose a religion that they want for themselves.

Conservatives, this is a victory in another way because it separates the public sphere from the private sphere completely because Marx condemed American society for being religious and its state being secular. This went right in the face in Rosseiu's idea of a 'civil religion' which is why the left constantly attacks religion. They may think they have scored a victory but in reality, it is the religious that have won.

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