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Ukraine: either remove the cross or put on shorts.


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Sep 19, 2008
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Brooklyn, NYC
A great story explains the current situation in Ukraine

It all started with how I fucked up with the situation of throwing stones at people evacuated from Wuhan. Terrible game. It is impossible to imagine something like that performed by Russians or Russians, or any civilized person in general. This is a complete and profound degradation of the population of the country 404. ... and yes, I do not want to join the territory with such a population at all. Five minutes of joy from such an “accession”, and then manage these shell-shocked for centuries? Somehow it does not sound very optimistic. I was asked not to generalize, and stated that in Ukraine there are good and bright people - this is really so, I do not argue, but how many of these people? Just for me, the story of the past few years is the story of the shame of Ukraine and its people. - unarmed "Golden eagle" harness on the Maidan! The people are silent at best, at worst they are carrying stones. - Crimeans are killed on the bus. The people are buried, but then he begins to hurriedly search, where is Crimea? And finding him in another country, turn off (to the "occupied population" - as if to his fellow citizens) water, electricity and gas. - fellow countrymen burn in the middle of the city fifty thousand stray baboons. The people of the millionth of Odessa, and its many thousands of armed garrison, are watching and admiring. - artillery hits the houses of Donbass. People collect pennies, on broniki and helmets. - Natsik torture people. The people at the Kharkov military factories are repairing tanks for "their army." - the dying boy who fought with his own people died. People along the road are on their knees standing the last way to see them off. And not a single anti-war march, not an underground or partisan detachment. They immediately began to reproach me that the poor, unhappy, unarmed people could not do anything under the SBU repressions ... Maybe I won’t argue, the unarmed people probably couldn’t, but there were hundreds of thousands of armed Ukrainians of the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Navy - This is probably almost half a million (!!!) armed "representatives of the people." They arrived from Mars and did not come from another country to serve. They are from the people and they are with weapons! But, figs! In addition to the Mariupol cops (eternal honor and glory to them), the security forces of Donetsk and Lugansk, all these "armed representatives of the people" showed their complete impotence and "leaked" their homeland. ... but it is obvious that if they had fulfilled their oath there would have been nothing, but they either scared, or sincerely accepted the Maidan, and then they went to the ATO to fight with their own people. However, the thesis of “guilty of their security forces” in Ukraine is not fashionable, probably because all the same, their security forces are really people from the people. Blame them, and then you will have questions for yourself. After all, what prevented several million Ukrainians from coming to Donetsk in 2014 and saying: “Give me a weapon, I will wet these cattle that burned people on the Maidan and in Odessa!”? But no millions have arrived! Thousands have arrived, their honor and praise, but this is an insignificant number of the total population of Ukraine ... The overwhelming majority, like the "Ukrainian siloviks," either scared, or accepted the coup. But then, when the situation began to get worse, worse and worse ... they began to look for the guilty one! And what do you think, the population of Ukraine dusted their heads with ashes? Has he called half a million of his siloviki cowboys the siloviki? She said she was wrong? Yes, to hell to you all over the face! The people of Ukraine - remained "white and fluffy", and the bitches are in the Kremlin! Putin did not help them! Betrayed the scoundrel Ukraine! You know what the game is? There are half a million armed people in the state who have taken the oath to defend their people. Plus, several million healthy men who, if they wanted, could well arm themselves, but neither one nor the second defended their people! Should they be protected by a Chechen, a Buryat, a Yakut, a St. Petersburg and a Muscovite? So it turns out? After all, they are immortal elves! Let them die for our "bright future" ... .... and the men of Ukraine will portray themselves as a beautiful princess in a tower that was stolen by an evil maidan dragon, look out the window, looking at the atrocities of the dragon, waiting for the Russian prince and grieve. "He will come and save me!" thought the princess. The prince came, looked, saw another hairy man in the window, but in a woman’s dress, who waved her handkerchief and called for help! "Conchita Wurs! Pi ### p!" - thought the Russian prince, spat, did not save, and left. The result of the "princess" is not satisfied. And now she continues for several years yelling that the Russian prince is nits and a traitor! I mean, "Putin leaked!". Well, okay, I'm ready to put up with this. In the end, the opinion of pi ... "princesses" interests me little. However, this is the "betrayal of Russia!" not over. Quite unexpectedly for me, part of the population of Donbass crawled out from under the shops, whom we also “betrayed”. Here in Russia we think that they themselves opposed the monkeys from Kiev, and we help them ... How? Than? How many? - this is another question - the main thing is helping, but as the people say: "They don’t look at a gifted horse in the mouth." However, the last days have shown that they are looking, and not only in the teeth, but also with x # rams, if the horse is not what you want. The main thesis of this part of the population: "Russia must ..."! I want to
I want to upset! Russia does not "owe" anything to the Donbass, just like the EU or NATO, or the United States does not owe the rest of Ukraine. Russia helps Donbass not by virtue of some sort of "debts" to him, but because he asked for help and Russia believes that it is right to help Donbass! Because the Donbass deserves this help, but the idea that someone has the right to “demand” or “show” Russia something ... ... so that she, like old Khottabych, does her wishlist incorrectly. I am absolutely sure that in a few years (after the completion of certification) Donbass will become part of Russia. However, God sees, one cannot stand in line with the Russian passport with one foot, and at the same time keep in mind the thesis about "Russia betrayed Donbass!". I hope everyone who thinks so will refuse to receive a Russian passport, if only out of respect for their own convictions, which they so fiercely uphold in their comments. Here, either remove the cross or put on shorts.

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