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U.S. likely claims hottest place on Earth as heat tightens grip on more than 100 million

The Purge

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Aug 16, 2018
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On Tuesday, Death Valley, California, climbed to 124 degrees making it not only the hottest spot in the United States but also likely one of the hottest, if not the hottest, locations in the world.

And Wednesday, was forecast to only get hotter, with Death Valley forecast to soar to a blistering 128 degrees.

With temperatures rising to 10 to 30 degrees above average, dozens of records were demolished Tuesday across Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota, Nevada, Arizona and Southern California. Casper, Wyoming, broke its previous record high of 93 by a full 9 degrees. Many other Western cities saw similar, even more extreme events: Billings, Montana, shattered its old record by 10 degrees (new record: 108), and Chula Vista, California, smashed its record by a whopping 13 whole degrees (new record: 89).

All-time record temperatures were tied on Tuesday in Billings at 108 degrees, Salt Lake City at 107 and Cheyenne, Wyoming, ...

(Excerpt) Read more at msn.com ...

Damn that GLOBAL WARMING....Death Valley, CA already holds the world record for the hottest recorded temperature at 134.1 DECADES ago before the bullshit! So it's already the "hottest place on earth". Gee, I wonder why they call it "Death Valley"? Been there when it was over 125. Not a good time to go off roading there. Stay in the shade and keep hydrated.....I know what a lobster feels like just before it is eaten!


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Apr 5, 2021
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No breakout no trend

Same with canes.

Meanwhile, record cold temps go unreported, or are cited as evidence of "climate change."

The data continues to read as follows...

No Warming in the atmosphere
No warming in the oceans
No net ice melt
No breakout in cane activity
No rise in ocean levels

Only warming on the surface of growing urban areas due to urban heat island effect.

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