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U.S. Forces Close Post in Afghan ‘Valley of Death’


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Dec 1, 2008
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More evidence that the GOP and Bush back terrible war plans in Iraq and Afghanistan

U.S. Forces Close Post in Afghan ‘Valley of Death’

KORANGAL OUTPOST, Afghanistan — The last American soldier left the base here Wednesday, surrounded by tall cedar trees and high mountains, a place that came to be called the Valley of Death.

The near daily battles here were won, but almost always at the cost of wounded or dead. There were never enough soldiers to crush the insurgency, and after four years of trying, it became clear that there was not much worth winning in this sparsely populated valley.

Closing the Korangal Outpost, a powerful symbol of some of the Afghan war’s most ferocious fights, and a potential harbinger of America’s retreat, is a tacit admission that putting the base there in the first place was a costly mistake.

U.S. Forces Close Post in Afghan ?Valley of Death? - NYTimes.com

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