Trump wins again on immigration . ASLYUM BAN HELL YEA!

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Sep 28, 2018
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My main issue was those who using children to make them carry drugs around in their little lunchboxes and sacks. And also those who were using children to get in, with the same children being used time after time with the border patrol having to collect them after the youngsters were deserted when no longer needed.

Thank God for the legislative and executive branches of government moving mountains to get humanitarian concerns tended to while Congress played pin the impeachment on the President with false narratives for 2.5 years, and they're still muttering impeachment after they failed to tell the truth about the innocence of the President which all recovered emails now show they were falsifying evidence, leaking lies to the press, and using the FBI to do spin room tasks for the Hillary campaign to implicate wrongdoing that was not done by President Trump, along with no collusion as charged by Democrats, and no obstruction, either. After those FBI agents implicated in the coverups have to account for why they went after Donald Trump for their former political associates in the Obama administration, I have a feeling the FBI will become a politics-free agency again that serves the American people's Constitution once again, and not petty politicians looking for a freebie way to take out their competition.

I applaud the Supreme Court for its wisdom in taking care of the border business so long neglected by the Democrat House over petty politics that they can't seem to let go of. :26:
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