trump brings registered sex offender on stage

Did you know it was Trump and the National Enquirer who liked Ted Cruz' father to Lee Harvey Oswald?

National Enquirer made up the story about Ted Cruz's father and Lee Harvey Oswald, former publisher says​

The Texas senator told NBC News that he's "not interested in revisiting ancient."

What a pussy. Trump owns Ted Cruz.
He also owns what little of brain you have.
You spelled Donald Trump wrong.
Every time Potato takes the stage, there is a sexual predator on stage.
Remember how Trump & his buddy Epstein were slumming around cruising N.Y.C. nightclubs, looking to grab chicks by the pu**y, MAGA dupe?
If I was a dick I'd be a republican. I advocate for unions because it helps uneducated blue collar workers. You know, the ones suffering the most? If I didn't care, I'd say fuck them.

The closest I ever came to being a Republican was in the 2000's when I was struggling and uneducated blue college union guys were making more than me. I had a college degree.

But what I realize is that is what created the best middle class the world has ever seen before. It wasn't unregulated free market capitalism you fool.
You do understand that " College Educated " no longer
is a plus.Even more so when attending Ivy League.
Like Harvard,Yale etc.David Horowitz warned of this way back
in the 70's.Dennis Prager { Attended Columbia U } and spoke
disparagingly about it also in the 70's.
Now it's a hardened fact.Most College education is not worth
the price of admission no matter who or what. It's gotten to
be a joke this last decade.With Affirmative Action or easy breezie
Lemon squeezie admissions and Professors who were woke
all along.No way on planet earth for a Professor to hide
their Wokeness.It's now legion.A veritable contagion upon
higher education.If not for hard working laborers who chose to
work with their hands and do an honest days work,then our
Country could never operate.Our Country depends on Kids
who chose not to go off to college and learn words and attitudes
and little else.No longer are Doctors beholdin' to any
Hippocratic Oath.Right there spells doom and gloom.

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