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Oct 11, 2016
Washington, DC
The New York Times has an article posted about China telling Trump to stop tweeting. The Chinese leadership prefers diplomacy the old-fashioned way, "behind closed doors and muffled in platitudes". The article was good, but where does the New York Times, as an organization, come down on the issue?

Well, of course, they side with China on this. All MSM hate Trump's tweeting because it undercuts MSM power.

So I look at the comments on the story, and every single comment (7) supports China and criticizes Trump. Now, the New York Times moderates their comments section, so it's quite possible they were simply filtering out the pro-Trump comments.

It seems even more likely when, four hours later, my comment has yet to be approved:

Voters voted for a hard reset when they elected Donald Trump. No more business as usual. No more diplomacy the old-fashioned way. Sorry, China, that's how democracy works.
but three more anti-Trump messages have been.

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