Time to hold police accountable


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Apr 29, 2017
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There is also video showing that he did not resist.
He did resist the arrest, he did not come out of the car. He also had drugs in his system.
He must not have resisted TOO much as he was already in handcuffs before they even took him to that side of the street! Being hand-cuffed and with four cops there, it is IMPOSSIBLE to explain much less justify why this guy wasn't simply in the back of the squad car!

I'm still waiting to hear if the alleged bill or check that started all of this, really WAS forged or counterfeit!

As to drugs in his system, that is irrelevant and impossible for the officers to know.

As an arresting officer, it may be impossible to tell whether a person not responding to you is simply being defiant, hard of hearing, deaf, retarded, drugged, scared, or confused. You can't simply assume they are all NFL players in top condition able to take a pounding and deserve punishment for being uncooperative.
Not really... how did he end up from one side of the car to the other? Once we get all the clips everything can be explained.
Just ask George, he was there. Oh wait, he's dead.
Then just ask the cops, there were there! Oh yeah, cops lie.

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