Things you'd like to invent that would be useful?

1. Everyone should have the right to have kids no matter if they can get someone else or not.
2. Society shouldn't expect us woman to do this. A lot of us don't want kids.
3. And like I said it would be good for population growth
The problem is that there are too many people, not too few.
I invent useful things all the time, but only one copy of each, for my own personal use. :biggrin: A fellow employee once asked why the other employees can't have 'things like that'. I told him to copy my designs and make it yourself. He looked at me like I had two heads.
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Is that really the problem? Or is the problem that many people aren't accountable? Because that's the problem I see.
The people that are accountable would have a much better life if we weren't always cleaning up the messes of the unaccountable.
How do you plan on correcting that?

I notice you're still with us.
Not for long. I'm 84 on the 23rd, and in the 12th year of 15, the average life expectancy of someone my age after triple bypass surgery. :omg:
Lastly, I'd like to invent a.i + robotic manufacturing that would provide all the basic goods and this would allow for a form of tech communism that would give the basics to all people.
I've thought about this over the years.

I think we need to forward the supremacy of the US dollar. It's on the brink. And fixing it will necessarily cause even more inflation, temporarily.

And the social safety net will need to be more robust.

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