These Trials Aren't Really About Donald Trump. They're About The Whole Criminal Justice System

You poor, dumb, credulous, gaslighted rube.

Trump Organization found guilty on all counts of criminal tax fraud

Not to be confused with:

Trump Foundation Will Dissolve, Accused of ‘Shocking Pattern of Illegality’

Judge finalizes $25 million settlement for 'victims of Donald Trump's fraudulent university'

Donald J. Trump Pays Court-Ordered $2 Million For Illegally Using Trump Foundation Funds

Trump was ordered to pay $2 million, or $250,000, a piece to eight different charities. Those charities are Army Emergency Relief, the Children’s Aid Society, Citymeals-on-Wheels, Give an Hour, Martha’s Table, the United Negro College Fund, the United Way of National Capital Area, and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

How Donald Trump Shifted Kids-Cancer Charity Money Into His Business

Judge clarifies: Yes, Trump was found to have raped E. Jean Carroll


Partisan hack Judges and juries of course that would be the result it is a weaponization of the legal system against a political opponent! It makes sense you would go along with Nazi like policies paid hack!

These Trials Aren't Really About Donald Trump. They're About The Whole Criminal Justice System​

This is only true if the man is found innocent. If he's found guilty, the worst that can be said is that the law was applied.
we will do nothing after the election if we win except attempt to govern.

as much as i might think we need a mao style "cultural revolution " before these guys start binding their women's feet, we will continue these futile attempts at com promise and negotiation.
And we will make sure you never "govern"! I will ensure all Republicans kneecap each and every one of your sorry asses and make sure BiDumb is a complete failure.
skrewey each post reeks more and more of desperation.
If you worked for a living you would understand why people vote for Trump and not the lifelong mafia boss Pinochijoe Capone.
I work for a living and would never vote for Trump.
Trump was getting away with his crimes long before he ran for President. The difference is that he was always protected by the infamous Favor Bank in New York.

Instead of being hauled off to jail for stealing from cancer kids as he should have been, he was taken to civil court instead of criminal court, and just had to pay the money back. He didn't even have to pay a punitive fine! For stealing from cancer kids!

Now that he is finally being held accountable in CRIMINAL court, he is whining like the fat bitch he is.
More likely, most of this is because he is running for president. The Progs do not even care if they hurt his wife who is about as nonpolitical as one can e or was as first lady.
Skews is scared, the 'author' he quotes is pissing him/her self terrified, and we have months to go before election day. Keep the laughs coming. Between all the liberal tears and utter bullshit they spew, you could revitalize the Mojave. Sad.
That’s all they need to see. Trump is not just getting the “support” of his brigade of suckers. We all know that from the SCOTUS on down, he’s getting some big time help in delaying his trials.
Which is why those who stand in opposition to Trump doubt he’ll be held accountable for his crimes.

Indeed, it’s naïve and foolish to expect the courts to defend our democratic institutions from the malignancy that is Trump.

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