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Jul 11, 2004

Posted Sep 12, 2006

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) likes to brag about her five grandchildren to reporters, but her demeanor on Capitol Hill is anything but grandmotherly.

If the Democrats win control of the House this November, Pelosi would become a brutally partisan far-left speaker.

Before she voted against a tax-cut package last November, for example, she said, “They’ll [Republicans] take food out of the mouths of children in order to give tax cuts to the wealthiest.”

Pelosi has already promised congressional investigations on energy prices and the War on Terror. On “Meet the Press” last May, she spoke eagerly of the “subpoena power” that would come with her speaker’s gavel.When Rep. John Conyers (D.-Mich.), who would become Judiciary Committee chairman in a Democratic House, called for the creation of a select committee to investigate President Bush for “offenses which appear to rise to the level of impeachment,” Pelosi refused to rule it out. Instead she demurred, “You never know where the facts may take you.”

Pelosi was first elected in 1987 and in 2001won a fierce fight with the more moderate Rep. Steny Hoyer (D.-Md.) to become House minority whip.She then succeeded Rep. Dick Gephardt (D.-Mo.) as minority leader when Gephardt resigned that post to pursue the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination.

She has consistently taken the liberal position on almost all issues.She has opposed tax cuts, supported gun control, sought to reduce defense and intelligence spending, advanced the environmentalist agenda and adamantly supported legalized abortion, even to the extent of opposing the partial-birth abortion ban.

She also rallied House Democrats into uniformly opposing the reform of Social Security with personal retirement accounts.

Her unabating abrasiveness once led her friend Rep. Barney Frank (D.-Mass.) to admit to the New York Times, “Her speaking style is not good.”

Pelosi herself recently told Time magazine that the Democratic establishment “can’t even believe that I’m going to become speaker, but they’re getting used to it.”

If Pelosi’s dream comes true, many voters may quickly regret that they didn’t bother to examine her record before Election Day.

'You Never Know' About Impeachment: Pelosi in Her Own Words

Tim Russert: “So there would be investigations?”
Pelosi: “Well, what I told them is we will have an investigation on energy prices. We will have an investigation….”
Russert: “How about on the war?”
Pelosi: “That would be if—I said we’d have hearings on the war. We’d have hearings on the war.”

—NBC’s “Meet the Press,” May 7, 2006

Tim Russert: Is impeachment off the table?
Pelosi: “Well, you never know where the facts take you, but the—for any President.”

—NBC’s “Meet the Press,” May 7, 2006

“Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology, which is a threat to countries in the region, and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process.”

—Statement on U.S. Led Military Strike

Against Iraq, Dec. 16, 1998

“Others have talked about this threat that is posed by Saddam Hussein. Yes, he has chemical weapons, he has biological weapons, he is trying to get nuclear weapons.”

—Congressional Record, Oct. 10, 2002

“I’m endorsing what Mr. Murtha is saying...I believe that a majority of our caucus clearly supports Mr. Murtha…and let’s be clear about what it is Mr. Murtha said, ‘Yes, let’s bring the troops home.’”

—Press conference, Nov. 30, 2005

“The President seems to think the best way to revive the economy is to give more tax breaks to those who don’t need them and dole out lucrative incentives that do not stimulate economic growth.”

—USA Today, Jan. 30, 2002

“When the Kyoto Protocol enters into the force tomorrow, the world will take a significant and long-awaited first step towards stemming global warming. Instead of stepping forward as the world leader on climate change, however, the Bush Administration is clinging to the role of world obstructionist.”

—Press release, Feb. 15, 2005

We have two oilmen in the White House. The logical follow-up from that is $3-a-gallon gasoline. It is no accident. It is a cause and effect.”

—Press conference, April 26, 2006

“The American people are paying a terrible price at the pump. And what do the Republicans suggest? Let’s do away with the environmental rules. Let’s drill in the ANWR.”

—Press conference, April 27, 2006

“We must stop robbing the Social Security trust fund of its money to pay for other things.”

—“Fox News Sunday,” March 6, 2005

“There’s nothing wrong with Social Security lending money with the prospect of returning it.”

—CongressDaily, June 24, 2005

“Roe vs. Wade is based on a woman’s fundamental right to privacy, a value that all Americans cherish.”

—Statement on the 32nd Anniversary

of Roe vs. Wade, Jan. 21, 2005

“Confirming Judge Alito will not only put our liberties and civil rights in jeopardy, but also the checks and balances in our constitutional system of government.”

—Press release, Jan. 20, 2006

A Perfectly Liberal Record: Pelosi's Voting History

Here are some highlights from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s unremittingly left-wing voting record.

Cutting Intelligence $500 million FOR H.R. 2330 Vote #393 08/4/93
$87 billion for Iraq and
Afghanistan operations
H.R. 3289
Vote #562
Vote #601

Patriot Act AGAINST H.R. 3199 Vote #358 12/14/05
Bush Income Tax Cuts AGAINST H.R. 1836 Vote #149 05/26/01
Eliminating Marriage Penalty AGAINST H.R. 4181 Vote #138 04/28/04
Capital Gains and
Dividends Tax Cuts AGAINST H.R. 4297 Vote #621
Permanent Increased
Child Tax Credit AGAINST H.R. 4359 Vote #209 05/20/04
Abolishing the Death Tax AGAINST H.R. 8 Vote #84 04/4/01
Clinton Energy Tax FOR H.R. 2264 Vote #406 08/5/93
Allowing New Oil Refineries AGAINST H.R. 3893 Vote #519 10/7/05
Oil Drilling in ANWR AGAINST H.R. 4 Vote #317 08/1/01
Enforcing Never-Ratified
Global Warming Treaty
FOR H.R. 4690 Vote #323 06/26/00
Hyde Amendment Prohibiting
Tax-Funded Abortions
AGAINST H.R. 2264 Vote #388
Partial-Birth Abortion Ban AGAINST S.3 Vote #530 10/2/03
Prohibiting Taking Minors Across
State Lines for Abortions to Evade
AGAINST H.R. 748 Vote #144 04/27/05
Allowing Hospitals and Health Care
Providers to Refuse to Conduct
AGAINST H.R. 4691 Vote #412 09/25/02
Repealing D.C. Gun Ban AGAINST H.R. 3058 Vote #349 06/30/05
Stopping Frivolous Lawsuits
Holding Gun Makers Liable for
Violence Committed by Others
AGAINST H.R. 1036 Vote #124 04/09/03

Arming Pilots Against Terrorism Act
AGAINST H.R. 4635 Vote #288 07/10/02
Federal Marriage Amendment AGAINST H.J. Res 88 Vote #378 07/18/06
Limiting Federal Courts'
Jurisdiction on Defense of
Marriage Act
AGAINST H.R. 3313 Vote #410 07/22/04
Sensenbrenner Border Protection
and Illegal Immigration Bill
AGAINST H.R. 4437 Vote #661 01/27/06
700 Miles of Fence on
Mexican Border
AGAINST H.R. 4437 Vote #640 12/15/05
Nancy Pelosi? She's one of the most leftist members in the House, and that's saying alot.

She comes from a red cozy district in downtown San Francisco, she's got the Chavez and Castro districts on her side.

She'd lose, badly, in all but the most socialistic areas of America... maybe Madison, WI, Austin, TX, some parts of Chicago, NYC,........

Pelosi's been blasted for weak, inefficient leadership as Minority Speaker, the "culture of corruption" theme the Democrat Party tried and failed with last spring was her brainchild. She couldn't even control Jefferson. All her "rebuttals" to Bush's SOTU speeches have fallen flat.

Nationalizing the Congressional elections under the threat of Nancy Pelosi becoming the Majority Speaker (two heartbeats away from the presidency!) is a borderline scare tactic, but it'd work.


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