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The Russians fucked up!."Kuznetsov" stuck with no fuel in the Mediterranean Sea.


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Mar 9, 2014
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Waiting on the Cowardly Dante!!
This sounds like something The Obamanation and. Lurch would do!

BY24.org ^ | 10/27/2016 | Administrator in charge

Comical march of so-called "Russian aircraft carrier group" headed by aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" to the shores of Syria at war, amused the entire Internet, it seems, risks to become the biggest shame in the history of the Russian Navy. The reason is simple: no country in the region has agreed to fill the aggressor ships. By all indications, they will be destined to stupid drift in the Mediterranean without fuel until they get own tanker with fuel oil from Russia itself. The last hope of the Kremlin admirals was refueling in Malta, but today, 27 October, Foreign Minister of the island nation, George Vella said in an interview with local edition of the Times of Malta, a Maltese oil will not fuel Russian aggressors for any money.


"Admiral Kuznetsov". © Photos from the site utro.ru

Initially, the Kremlin planned to refuel his clown squadron in Spain - it was based on and developed the whole scenario for a long voyage. However, as recently as yesterday, the Spanish government, criticized his colleagues in NATO, politely declined to share fuel with those who are bombing innocent Syrian children. In turn, Moscow said that they themselves refused to refuel in Spain, obviously hoping to get cheap heating oil for the "Admiral Kuznetsov" and its accompanying ships in neutral Malta. But here came, shall we say, some misunderstanding.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malta, George Vella, a decision to refuse the Russian ships to refuel, government was pushed by a petition from the citizens of the country. They strongly demanded from their government to follow the example of Spain.

- In Madrid, a very simple and easy refueling stop for this deadly fleet was denied, - stated in the document. - We urgently need to make it clear to his government that the people of Malta also do not want to be involved in the bloody war crimes. We must act to stop this massacre, and not making money on it.

Frankly, the Russian admirals, with last drops of fuel in tanks is not to be envied: refuel in the western Mediterranean after the failure, and Spain, and Malta, is resolutely nowhere. No chance in the next states in the region: France and Portugal are also members of NATO, and thanks to a harmonized fuel Alliance countries' positions "Admiral Kuznetsov" just will not be refueled there. Gibraltar is a territory under the control of Great Britain. Libya has not yet regained consciousness after the revolution, and in addition - its ports controlled by the pro-American insurgents. In Tunisia, a similar pattern: a democratic government that came to power after the overthrow of the dictator Ben Ali, under any circumstances, does not want to spoil relations with the civilized world.

The only illusory hope to refuel smoky Russian squadron left are the ports of Egypt - with Vladimir Putin had not yet had time to quarrel with this country. However, they still need to be reached, and the fuel is likely not enough. Of course, they do not have it to return home, so in the coming days we may witness the funniest in the history of the Russian Navy's rescue operation of Russian Navy.

(Google translation slightly polished by Leo Carpathian)

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