The reality of the sandbox

Sep 11, 2011
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A big kid and some little kids, with a small bunch of little brats are in the sandbox who got there first doesnt matter they are all there now. The littlekids have their area and the big kid his. But the little brats want the whole sandbox so they try to push the big kid out. He pushes them back the brats start yelling mommy mommy. One of the mommys opens the door and the brats yell this big kid is picking on us. The mommy too lazy to go out and find out what really happened yells leave those kids alone. The big boy replies they startted it . The mommy yells I dont care you all play nice. The big boy steps back and says oh ok. And they go back to thier areas. As soon as mommy shuts the door the brats try it again with the same results. And this goes on and on until the big boy gets tierd of it and decides I am in the right so he pushes all the kids out. This is the reality of the sandbox. It happens everyday all around the world. It isnt right or wrong its just the way it is.
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