The number of gun of the decline is sadly overestimated....


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Jul 19, 2014
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2,250 of the new tactics by anti gunners is to claim gun ownership is going down...part of their long game to convince politicians that banning guns and equipment would be politically possible.....but of course....they are not telling the truth....never, ever trust anti gunners....their irrational fear of guns will make them do or say anything to push banning or limiting guns for self defense....

Gun Ownership By The Numbers The Daily Caller

Conservatively, we probably have well over 350 million guns in this country right now, and that is a low estimate for the reasons stated above. I believe—at a minimum—another 30 million new guns will be manufactured and sold before Barack Obama leaves office at the end of 2016. I predict the numbers of firearms owned in the United States will easily top 400 million well before this decade is out. And to my mind, that’s a good thing.

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