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The New Microsoft Edge


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Aug 5, 2009
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Duke City
Yes, most of us have been making fun of Internet Explorer for at least a decade and Microsoft Edge since it's release and rightly so but all that appears to have changed.
The new Edge Chromium, (Chromium is the open source browser the Google built it's Chrome on) is a major game changer for Microsoft.
The benchmarks are amazing beating out all the other big 3 browsers in many aspects. Privacy has been increased dramatically including selecting which search engine you want to use including DuckDuckGo.
Web site compatibility issues that the old Edge browser dealt with are now a thing of the past and it can run on Apple macOS and soon (amazingly enough) on Linux.
The new Edge is the only browser that lets us view shows in 4K and the only browser that supports Dolby Digital audio. Another new feature is the Immersive Reader Mode which strips out ads and nonessential eye candy (or eye poison, more aptly), but It can also read webpage text aloud using lifelike Neural Voices.
Edge gives us four Home page options: Focused, Inspirational, Informational, and Custom. Focused is a blank page with search and buttons for your most-visited sites; Inspirational adds the gorgeous Bing photos that change daily as backgrounds; to all this, Informational adds customized news, weather, sports, and finance cards.
It does not have native ad blocking but allows access to the Chrome extensions as well as many of those same extensions in the Microsoft Store so we can install AdBlock or UBlock.
I've downloaded it and am trying it out, the old put my money where my mouth is considering that in the past I would only use IE/Edge to download Firefox.


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Aug 8, 2016
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I used it for a short time last year when the beta was out for Mac. I didn't care for it.

I use the Brave browser.

And Duck Duck Go is, in my view, just as bad as other mainstream search engines. Worse in some cases. They have a lot of people suckered, for sure.

I lke Startpage search.


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Sep 16, 2012
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Yeah, I have never been really impressed with Duck Duck Go as a Search Engine. Though I keep it as a default because it is a stellar ad block, better than any I have ever used, which doesn't hog system resources at all.

All other ad blocker has always slowed my machine down so much. This one doesn't at all.

It is a simple case of just switching to Google or Bing in the browser bar. I just wish their were options or I knew how to put more options up in there. I love seeing how different search engines bring back different results.

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