The Most Poisonous Narrative


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Jun 12, 2018
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The Full Moon
The most poisonous narrative of our Age is the ever lengthening story of black victimhood. First off, let us reaffirm what ought to be a few very obvious observations. All people are individuals first and foremost. All people possess their own independent minds, personalities and quirks. As such, every last human being living on this planet is responsible for their own lives, their own behaviors; their own successes and their own failures. When any collection of people who share the same physical traits (such as skin color or bone structure) are classified into and approached or treated as a whole group rather than as individual, unique and different persons, those people will suffer great oppression.

I am German, Swiss and Native American—with a smattering of Scots in there somewhere. My wife is East Indian Guyanese and Irish. Together we represent many ethnicities; many skin, hair and eye colors; many cultures, religions and ritual practices. However, when classified by our government into narrow and narrower-minded racially profiled groups, we are one-half White and one-half Asian. Of course, we are so much more than our official racial categories would suggest. I am a language guy and a lover of the process of cooking great food with sometimes questionable results. I speak six languages to varying degrees and make a mean rogan josh.

She is a numbers girl who sees numerical patterns in every atom and walk of life and can convey entire novel chapters worth of meaning with her eyes alone. I am a 29 year veteran of the Army and ARNG, earned two degrees and have held a number of lucrative professional civilian jobs, which include working for the Diplomatic Security Service and as a security advisor for federal and state law enforcement agencies. She took degrees in biological engineering and accounting and works as the controller for a major pharmaceutical corporation. Had either one of us decided to just fall back on the color of our respective skins and benefit or suffer as nameless parts of our official racial groups neither one of us would be where we are today, who we are today. Both of us worked very hard for many years to achieve educations and to climb our respective professional career ladders. No one handed one iota of our individual success to either of us. In other words, both my wife and I transcended the political and ideological narratives of our skin colors, of our races, to make something great out of ourselves.

And so it must go with every other human being on the planet regardless of the social or cultural condition(s) into which they were born. Every last human being has as much of a chance to succeed in life as they are willing to work for. Without applying great effort to achieve one's goals, one will fail outright in his or her dreams or end up living a life of great disappointment. That's really all there is to it.

However, the most poisonous narrative I mentioned above is that narrative drilled into the minds of all black folk seemingly and for many decades, that someone else is responsible for the fate of their racial group, that they are not individual human beings possessed of their own individual ability to succeed, and that something (and someone) out there is perpetually holding them back, holding them down, keeping them locked in chains. The message of the most poisonous narrative tells black Americans they can never succeed on their own, can never rise through the social classes, without help from democratic party social programs and without eventually destroying the people who have eternally oppressed them.

Some want to regress the entire progress of the civil rights movement back over one-hundred and fifty years and blame the perpetual, inescapable victimhood of black Americans on slavery. Now, the way in which my mind processes such a suggestion is to imagine for a moment how much different (and worse) my life would be if I as a young man had searched back in time for a moment in history to blame when any of the peoples I am a mixture of were oppressed, hunted, driven from their land or discriminated against. The answer to that, in my own case, is very clear: I would have failed at life for perpetually spinning my wheels in a mire of self-pity.

The truth that the most poisonous narrative does not want black Americans to discover is that each of them are individuals possessed of unique minds and traits and that only they, individually and with great effort, can rise above said poisonous narrative and succeed or fail on their own merit. Only they can save or condemn themselves. And that is where the democratic party comes in. For ages the democratic party has tirelessly worked to convince black Americans that they cannot succeed individually or as a people without their constant political help.

Fast forward to our modern day, the current riots and protests, and it is plain to see this most poisonous narrative of our Age working harder than ever before. Once again the democrats have convinced many thousands—perhaps many millions—of young, angry black Americans that they can never, not ever succeed on their own individual merit because they are nothing more than perpetual, eternal victims.

No matter how many factual statistics are introduced to the current and ongoing national (very one-sided) conversation going on across America about race, which clearly illustrate and prove white Americans are not gunning for black Americans in any way, shape or form, and that black Americans are nowhere close to suffering a genocide (abortion is another matter), the democrats 24/7 deconstruct them on national television and fraudulently claim they are inaccurate.

If black Americans are victims of anything, collectively, at all then it is the democrat political agenda alone which is their prime and only oppressor. As long as any great number of black Americans continue to be suckers for race rage bait dropped in front of their faces like clockwork before elections then they will never be able to break free, become individuals, escape and rise above their official government racial classification. That reality is truly a tragedy indeed.

Regrettably, the woes of black Americans can no longer be towed by the rest of the American people. For at this very moment the most poisonous narrative has threatened to collapse American civilization as a whole, rather than just the lives of 13% of its population. Now, the most poisonous narrative has escaped the ghettos and bled over into the rest of American life. Perpetual black victimhood can no longer be recognized by the rest of America. We don't have time to spare or blood to spill or treasure to squander on the lies of the most poisonous narrative, largely due to the fact that said narrative is now killing Americans in the street, destroying millions if not billions in private property, and doing its best to undermine both the rule of law and the very ability to function of our government itself.

Thus the counter-narrative to the most poisonous narrative of perpetual black victimhood must be stated: get over slavery and every other possible historical crime committed against your ancestors, refuse to bite on democratic party political bait, and do your best as individual human beings and Americans to improve your own lives. Stop blaming people of other skin colors for your own failures in life. Harsh as it sounds: you are vastly outnumbered. And last but not least: stop raising up the worst examples of your people as heroes to be worshipped and avenged. This includes many sports heroes, rappers, movie stars and most importantly: violent convicted felons.

Rise above the stereotype and transcend the group to become what you really are: a unique individual . . .

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