The Flaming Lips redux


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Aug 28, 2003
Aiken, SC
Just got back from my second Flaming Lips show. Much, much better than the first show, probably because the first show was free and this one wasn't!

The venue, The Tabernacle, was pretty cool, it's an old converted church. First of all, I screwed up royally by getting tickets to the very back row of the second balcony (in other words, the absolute worst tickets in the house). We were so high up that the slant on the ceiling actually blocked half our view. And security was really being dicks. But, after the first song, we moved down and simply stood along the railing at the front of the balcony, which most of the people from our section ended up doing.

The lineup was mostly the same as the first time I saw them, though they had a much more elaborate light show this time, and they jammed out a little more on a few of the songs than they did the first time. It was actually a great venue, fairly small, and everyone there was very into it, to the point that the Lips' lead singer was speechless at how loud the crowd was (probably a routine he does every night, but, y'know) and the guitarist had to quiet us down. Once again, an absolutely wonderful, touching, moving audio/visual experience.

Also, Deerhoof opened and they were great, too. I was disappointed I missed the first half of their set. It was very cool, though, to see all of the Flaming Lips sitting off to the side of the stage watching Deerhoof's entire show and definitely digging it.

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