The Deep State Is Digging In

No, no y'all can't...Y'all really, really suck at it.
I call bullshit, you lying, dog-faced, pony soldier!

When did this deep state stuff come about?
Those Empowered by Their Fathers' Money Want to Weaken All Other Fathers

When Americans became aware of being controlled and had to be misdirected about who controls them.

I ask the Silenced Generation what was the subconscious real cause of the nihilism in Rebel Without a Cause, but they accept what they've been told by the real Deep State, as have all generations since.
Well, supposedly the deep state continuously grows and grows since everyone who gets tired of the blob finds themselves labeled as deep state actors.
Ha ha ha ha ha

Pretty soon, the deep state is just going to be able to vote people out of office instead of being sneaky!


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