The Cost Of Obsession


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Sep 23, 2016
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This is what leads to public apathy. After hearing so much bunk people stop paying attention.


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Nov 29, 2008
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There are so many anti's at work blaming President Trump and "the white man" that the stupid sob's miss how a few are taking their small pittance. If the people on a whole hadn't gotten so wrapped up in thinking they could live like millionaires and not have to earn it all they sunk themselves.

I still hold the prayer that President Trump be led by the Spirit to take out the enemies of Liberty.

OldLady, This "stingy" and "wicked" "bitch" is wondering since you are so highly educated and smart and all if you really have a clue? Can you tell everyone who actually holds the reigns in Guatemala where the indigenous people are starving? I can assure you it isn't people from the United States and I am still a "stingy" enough "bitch" that I have no desire to subsidize imperialist from other countries so they can keep starving out people in less fortunate countries. What those people need is good leadership that will help them develop their nations so they won't be starving. Since people like you seem to want to go along with fascist that are propagandizing everyone and their brother that the United States is trying to "colonize" the poor I suppose the poor in those countries will continue to starve because it is their choice. Building any country's infrastructure so people can prosper cost money and the people of this country are sick of being accused, used like trash and tossed for a few can prosper at their expense; and then have punks in the future generations of those nations who were lifted up think they have rights over and above the children of those who sacrificed to give them a helping hand up. Prosperity is a two way street. I used to hire people off the streets that said they were in need, I would literally take the cash I earned doing extra work at Christmas out of my pocket to pay for and make sure they had vehicles so they could get to work, put up my personal guarantee that the rent would be paid so they could have a house, etc. only to be shit on and bad mouthed once they got enough money in their pockets that they could by booze and drugs. Now since people like you have insisted people like me should be forced to support the current corruption you are promoting and we tell you f' off we are in your mind the "bitches". As much as I'd like to call you names back I'm not going to do it. I will hope that you get a clue and get informed since you are supposedly educated and smart and all that good stuff promoted by your type.

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