Study finds US, Canada lost 3 billion birds over last 50 years

That's what you get when you invite in 20 million illegals..

You ruin the environment.

when the animals disappear, we’re next.
Since the ban on DDT, I now see more predatory birds than I ever have in my life. Eagle sightings and hawks daily.
My yard is a literal avery of many species including tropical species like Orioles, and hummingbirds that frequent here in the summer.
Woodpeckers chew my house and ravens constantly wake me up.
Fall migratory season with millions of ducks and geese flying overhead.

Deanie must live in a shithole city.
Bald Eagles, Once Almost Extinct, Make Comeback

Osprey Makes Comeback « Long Island Sound Study

Peregrine Falcons Make A Soaring Comeback In Mass.

Bluebirds Make a Comeback
Got two families of Eastern Bluebirds in the boxes out back.

Kirtland’s warbler makes a comeback from endangered to thriving

Need I really go on?
Sandhill Cranes roam my neighborhood. It is the city symbol here. They stand almost 4 ft high. I live near the Mississippi flyway of central MN. More birds than an idiot troll could fathom.

Wildlife is doing great.
Not so much in the democrat tent cities I am sure.

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