Standing in my drive way.........


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Jul 11, 2004
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I took this about a half hour ago... It's now 4:48..;)

God bless you, Steph! You are obviously made of stronger stuff than all these wimpy hot weather lovers. :)

P.S. Can the doggie go inside?

Doggie always stay's inside...
Even has her own couch....Or so she thinks it hers.....

C'mon Dillo, don't you want to come up and visit???
At night we've been -20beow....It warmed up during the day....:tng:
I LOVE snow, in its place... but I think that's a little too long a winter season for me. However, it gives you a great excuse to get some cuddling out of your husband. You are a strong woman, Steph!

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