Speaker Johnson on Thin Ice

Oh, sorry, one more thing. Forgot to say Happy 135th Birthday to Adaolph Hitler.

A fine tribute to him by voting this bill through on his Birthday. They are certainly a dedicated bunch, after all.

I think they may have even been waving Ukrainian flags around n Congress.

Yep, they were, I just checked...

You will get no where with Coyote.
Facts, truth, common sense, she has no relationship with those.
She simply repeats the Democrat narrative, no matter how stupid and nonsensical that it is, while believing that somehow makes her superior.
Sorry but Coyote is a respected friend. She has integrity and even a bit of common sense for a leftie. :) I like her in spite of the leftist propaganda. She at least tries to make an argument for it. I'm not buying it, but so few on the left can do that, I appreciate it from her.
Of course it was. It was the bill that gave the Republicans almost all of what they wanted and Dems considerably less than they wanted.…funding for Ukraine, Israel and Pacific rim allies and a huge give on border policy essentially rewriting the asylum system. Trump (and the the Republicans) essentially said he doesn’t want to fix the border until after the election.

There are also a lot misinformation about what is and is not in it.

The $118 billion bill, called the Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, sought significant changes in border policy. It included money to build more border barriers, to greatly expand detention facilities, and to hire more Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol agents, asylum officers and immigration judges to reduce the years-long backlog in cases to determine asylum eligibility. It sought to expedite the asylum process, essentially ending — in most cases — the so-called “catch and release” policy whereby migrants are released into the U.S. pending asylum hearings. And it would have increased the standard of evidence needed to win asylum status.

The bill also would have supplied more funding to interdict fentanyl and human trafficking, and it included $60 billion in aid for Ukraine and $14 billion for Israel.
“It doesn’t have everything in it I wanted, it doesn’t have everything it it my Democratic colleagues wanted,” one of the architects of the bill, Republican Sen. James Lankford, said from the Senate floor before the vote was taken. “But it definitely makes a difference.”
In the lead-up to the vote, Lankford accused his Republican colleagues of opposing the bill on political, rather than policy, grounds.

“It is interesting: Republicans, four months ago, would not give funding for Ukraine, for Israel and for our southern border because we demanded changes in policy,” Lankford said on CNN. “And now, it’s interesting, a few months later, when we’re finally getting to the end, they’re like, ‘Oh, just kidding, I actually don’t want a change in law because it’s a presidential election year.’”

What provisions?

Where in the bill is that?

These days? Who the hell knows….probably Ancestry.com’s.
I did not rely on billionaire funded foundations' "FACT CHECKERS," to tell me what to think, I read the actual legislation.. These oligarchs are bullshitting you. You oughtta know better by now. I have told you enough about the deceptive nature of these fact checking outfits by now. They didn't exist a decade ago for a reason.

Seriously, READ. LOOK, and do yoar own damn thinking. :rolleyes:

I get tired of repeating myself on this site, this is the third time now...
"I would oppose this, even if Trump is president. I believe he tried it w/o a law. Russia is already instituting these types of changes, and these will be the norm after a peace in Ukraine, and after a peace settles in Israel, count on it. This is the agenda of the global government, and everyone but the normies can see.

Global bio-metric IDs. You will need them to travel, you will need them to buy and sell, you will need them to vote or receive medical care.

. . . it is one of the reasons for the instigated wars, and the weakened borders. Problem/Reaction/Solution.

This creates an electronic system where everyone is required to be tracked and traced, in a data base in order to work.

. . . regardless of whether or not they are an illegal alien or not.

Everything is centrally controlled by a global Big Brother and the billionaire oligarchs in Silicon Valley.




. . mean, sure, if you were on the side of Big Brother in 1984, I can see where you would like that immigration bill. . but otherwise? Why would you want to turn the entire nation into a prison?

It's sort of Orwellian TBH."



"This was a good interview. . . if you are interested in this topic, I believe y'all might like this interview. The part where Massie addressed the fight over the re-authorization of the FISA law, very interesting. I booked marked that part.


Victory! Biden Administration Rescinds Dangerous DHS Proposed Rule to Expand Biometrics Collection​

June 30, 2021

So they are going to make it into a law now? :wtf:
. . . it is one of the reasons for the instigated wars, and the weakened borders. Problem/Reaction/Solution.

This creates an electronic system where everyone is required to be tracked and traced, in a data base in order to work.

. . . regardless of whether or not they are an illegal alien or not.

I said pretty much the same thing earlier today, when I commented on an article that seemed purposely designed to enrage people about illegals (one out of tons recently) and brought up Problem/ Reaction/ Solution. Not only did it fall on deaf ears, but some people seem incapable of believing that our trustworthy government and honest MSM would ever do such a thing. :rolleyes:

So I definitely share your impatience in having to repeat these things over and over, trying to get people to start recognizing these repeated tactics, and as you put it, read, look and do their own damn thinking.

With so many Americans willing to trade liberty for "security" it's not surprising at all we're losing our republic. Just like our founders warned us. But hey, my faith and hope is not in America anyway, so...I'm OK no matter what. :)
Yes. . .

But it also appears. .. they would like Trump to handle the situation too.

Interesting innit that "will of the people," eh? 🤔



I vehemently disagree with what the will of the people should they elect the blob again. But I will accept it...just like I did in 2016.

And you'll also note that I used the same arguments then that I use now when trying to make blob supporters see the light about 2020.
I don't think I feel very strongly about anything political/geopolitical anymore, C4All. It's getting to be that I really just don't care any more. I'll offer my perspective on here once in a while now. If I feel like it. But I don't even really feel like doing that any more.

I've accepted that both theoretical sides of the party-of-one are destroying the prosperity and fabric of our country. And I don't accept that the electorate itself, collectively speaking, is even qualified to understand that this is happening, much less getting into the why and how. Now, yes, that may well sound elitist or prideful, but it's not really. It's just how I see the whole of the situation.

I got my lawn cut today. Walks and street curb edged nicely. Cars are washed. Fed the birds. Sealed the main driveway. And walked around the classic car show for about a half hour. Those are meaningful things.

Tomorrow I'm going to powerwash my siding.

But I'm not sure if my neighbors are allowed to kill me if they catch me working on a Sunday. I think I read something about that in ''the good book'' some place a long time ago.
I love this time of year...! The wild turkeys showed up this week, after being gone all winter...two Toms which were huge, and three ladies! I threw out corn for them!

Our black bear that usually returns when she wakes up, didn't come this year, or I missed her appearance!

We thought the bear return when we found the bird Feeder hung from a tree limb was on the ground in the morning for three days in a row.... But, we got a wise cam activated by movement set up, and you would not believe the critter knocking it down! (Bear or Raccoon was my best guess but, it was....)

A SKUNK! It was so cute, trying to get the sunflower feeder down... And smart! She jumped and would grab tree limbs and hang on and swing like a monkey for goodness sake, until all the tree limb shaking ...knocked it down! We couldn't tell if it was our pet skunk, named Peu, short for Put Em Up, he was the runt and had to fight his brothers and sisters in the litter, and would stand on his hind legs and put his fists up at them to stay away! Like the Lion in the wizard if Oz!

We had a herd of twenty plus deer all winter that we fed this year, in addition to my friend/pet deer, Lady and her two kids, Piewackett, and Prancer...Piewackett is a Pie Bald deer, white with a little brown! She's a beauty! She should have a first baby of her own this May or June.....!! She will be two years old....

And the American Gold finches showed up this week too, at the bird feeder!!!

Still no leaves on the trees yet! Still no green grass yet, but under the pine trees in the yard...so no mowing yet, up here!

Yes, life goes on...peacefully..... And miraculously.... And beautifully...!!!

Did I tell ya how much I love the Awakening in Spring? 😁

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