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SOREA performs in NYCÂ’s Times Square!


Apr 21, 2008
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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdJurPbTawo][SOREA] 'Arirang' in NewYork - YouTube[/ame]

SOREA attended the second annual ‘Korea Day K-Pop Contest‘ in New York City, where they wowed the crowd with their stunning renditions of popular idol songs and became the first Korean traditional group to shoot their music video overseas. Well, it seems that SOREA did much more in New York than initially reported, because it’s just been revealed to allkpop that SOREA performed live in Times Square on August 17th!

On their way to film their music video, SOREA noticed the ‘Arirang‘ billboard put up by Professor Suh Kyung Duk, a Korean public relations specialist, and decided to help promote his cause by performing right there on the spot. They played “Arirang” — a traditional Korean folk song — as well as popular K-pop tracks, and received an overwhelming response from the audience.

Since their New York performance, many overseas fans have been leaving supportive messages for SOREA on their official Facebook and YouTube channel.

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