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Something new from the country of idiots ( former Germany). Don't laugh to loud.


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Sep 19, 2008
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Brooklyn, NYC
Former free and wealthy Germany can be called today as the Country of idiots # 1
There were no idiocy and stupidity which wasn't been practically applied through the last 16 years.
Today citizens of the country have the highest prices for energy not only upon the Earth but also in the entirely Solar System.
Obviously not enough for cretins - 'politicians'
It looks like they want to stop North Stream 2.0 and refuse the certification.
Trash and rubbish, good-for-nothing corrupted politicians scam receive the highest wages ( and bribes of course ) with no responsibility for anything
They know nothing about suffering of people.
Also, if you call it 'democracy' you are an idiot.
It's the dictatorship of corrupt insane incompetent trash, unimportant how politicians or parties can be called.

Russia shall kick moron (and traitor) Putin ( the admirer of Germany ) out and stop any relationship with any EU country.
Russians, you deal with idiots.
Go and sell commodities to China, Asiatic countries, USA but forget about jerks.

Baerbock is just the mouthpiece of the political cast which run the country.
If not she then somebody else can proclaim the same.
Because all German 'politicians' are puppets.

Germany should not grant the Nord Stream 2 pipeline regulatory approval and resist Russian "blackmail" on energy prices, Annalena Baerbock, the co-chair of the German Green party, said in an interview published on Wednesday by the Funke media group.
"We can't allow ourselves to be blackmailed" by Russia, Baerbock said, adding that Moscow plays a "poker game" and is partly responsible for the high gas prices in Europe. "Gas deliveries have been driven down considerably", she said.

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