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Some more job killing regulations.

Quantum Windbag

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May 9, 2010
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The best is one I am sure everyone here will love, using the ADA to force Chipotle's, and eventually other buffet style restaurants, to lower the height of their counters to make it easier for disabled people to see the food. This actually conflicts with another regulation that requires those same counters to be higher to prevent injury to the workers, which should make it really easy to stay in business.

Andrew Stiles describes “Ten Job-Destroying Regulations” from the Obama administration that will wipe out hundreds of thousands of jobs. Another job-killing regulation is the Obama administration’s recent demand that trucking companies employ alcoholics as truckers rather than assigning them to less safety-sensitive positions — a demand that will lead to costly lawsuits against trucking companies by accident victims, and thus discourage anyone from setting up new trucking companies.
Still another is the Obama EEOC’s current practice of suing some employers who consider applicants’ arrest records and criminal convictions in hiring — a practice it is now considering broadening, through agency guidance further restricting consideration of applicants’ criminal histories in hiring decisions. If you were thinking of starting a new business, wouldn’t you be less likely to do so if you thought you would have no freedom as to whom you could hire, and no freedom to consider someone’s dangerousness or the content of their character before hiring them? If you don’t hire a criminal, the EEOC may sue you for “disparate impact”; but if you do hire the criminal, you may later be sued under a state law for “negligent hiring” if the criminal harms someone on the job or while doing errands for your company.

The Obama Justice Department used the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to attack new technologies that were helpful to disabled people (under the theory that they weren’t helpful enough, even though they were more helpful than pre-existing technologies), and is trying to use the ADA to regulate the Internet. It also has signed an international disabled-rights treaty that could undermine U.S. sovereignty.

Many New Job-Killing Regulations from the Obama Administration

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