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Simple explanation of the Health Bill: They are representing minority interests.


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Feb 25, 2010
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Why would all these Democrats be terrified to vote for a bill that they KNOW will get them voted out of office? Why would they even CONSIDER it? Think of the logic:

Vote YES: The people will vote us out of office.
Vote NO: The people might not vote us out of office.

Who in their right mind would keep pushing a bill that they know the consequence equal being voted out? Thats the exact OPPOSITE of the ideal of representing the will of the people. The will of the people is to NOT pass this, yet, the majority of representatives are going to try to do it anyway.

WHY? They are representing minorities, not the will of the people. And by "minorities" I don't necessarily mean racial groups, but ideological ones. Yes, many racial minorities want the government to pay their health care. But so do some whites. But as a whole, a 50%+ majority of Americans DO NOT want this. But the 50%+ majority of representatives, who ran on HOPE AND CHANGE are going to push it through to satisfy the minorities, racial and ideological.

Not to mention this bill includes the complete gov't takeover of student loans. That one, in my opinion, is worse than Health Care. I can control my own health for the most part, despite gov't. But education? Thats where they really take power, when they control our education.

Obama, Pelosi and Ried. The polite dictators. That is what we are facing. This is 3rd world style banana republic stuff we are dealing with. Our country, just having gone through this process, is already beyond repair, as the deep ideological damage done to polarize our nation will never be forgotten, by either side, and I fear there is no way to truly fix this. We will be a harshly divided and polarized nation for decades to come. The conservative ideal of self-reliance is the ONLY answer in these times.

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