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Should Tavis Smiley Recognize Oppressive, Criminally Negligent Maternal Caregivers?


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Jul 11, 2015
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January 13, 2016 - Rand Paul and Tavis Smiley

I'd like to preface my comments by mentioning I am NOT a person who embraces the ignorant, people dividing Black vs White or White vs Black game a significant number of my American neighbors wish to embrace. I'm a person who grew up in the 60s-70s embracing the values of peace, love and unity espoused by many of my American neighbors of all flavors during that period of American history.

I realize there are inequalities that still need to be addressed for us to continue evolving toward becoming a more peaceful, emotionally healthy nation. I understand the pain, anger, frustrations and disappointment experienced by human beings who feel as though they are being cheated, oppressed, or not treated with the same respect all peaceful Americans are entitled to.

My life experiences also cause me to realize there is a significant population of immature American teen girls and adult women my experiences tell me are responsible for impeding a substantial population of peaceful, caring, loving Americans from finding internal peace, and enjoying the respect all peaceful Americans deserve.

Frankly, I too experience pain, anger, frustration and disappointment caused by an American system and society that permits and seemingly encourages the human OPPRESSION, abuse and/or neglect of our Nation's most precious and valuable resource, our children.

I am disappointed and frustrated by a significant population of immature moms like Baltimore mom Toya Graham who I believe had no morally or 'legally' acceptable right to introduce SIX children to a life of hardships and struggles while depending on her responsible neighbors to feed, clothe and house her SIX children. One of whom was observed joining other depressed teens in attempting to cause grave bodily harm or death to police officers charged with protecting peaceful people from angry, depressed teens like her son Michael and many of his depressed classmates.

I am deeply troubled by moms much like Tavis Smiley's mom, who as a teen irresponsibly began building a family of ten children she introduced to a life of childhood OPPRESSION, pain, hardship and struggles. In May of 2015 Tavis revealed to a national and worldwide audience his nine brothers and sisters continue struggling from the affects of Poverty, aka Childhood Trauma and Abuse.

No one forced Toya Graham or Tavis Smiley's mom to irresponsibly introduce sixteen human lives to a life of pain and struggle.

Ms. Graham and Mrs. Smiley are much like countless numbers of depressed, immature teen moms across our nation who made a conscious decision to introduce their children to a life of emotional pain and turmoil causing them to experience life scarring Childhood Trauma that Grammy winner and victim of Childhood Abuse and Neglect Kendrick Lamar laments his "living wild," Violent Felon embracing mom and dad caused him, his three siblings and numerous cousins to experience...instead of experiencing a fairly happy American kid childhood with Safe Streets to travel and play on that all young kids have a right enjoy.

In paragraph eight of this LAWeekly interview Kendrick clearly describes the roots of his depression, the roots of poverty, as well as identifying the trauma he was exposed to as a six-year-old witnessing his violent felon family members engage in activities that caused him to fear for his well being and safety as well as his family members, and I'm sure many of his neighborhood friends and classmates.


In school frustrated educator's are trying to get lil Kendrick started in the right direction, genuinely wanting him to grow into a successful, peaceful person experiencing his unique vision for L, L, (Love) and Happiness.

However.....here is where the educator frustration comes in....when lil Kendrick leaves the safety of his classroom he returns to a family and community teaching him values lil Kendrick knows are very wrong, yet under duress he keeps his mouth shut knowing snitches, and sometimes their families, get stitches.

At six-years-old lil Kendrick Lamar was being *CONDITIONED* by his elders and community to embrace The Street Life Culture Ms. Toya Graham spoke about and failed to protect her depressed, angry, frustrated teen son from embracing.

I am sad, angry, frustrated and disappointed that a majority of my American neighbors choose to ignore the child OPPRESSION, abuse and neglect many immature, irresponsible moms like Ms. Graham and Mrs. Smiley cause their/society's children to experience during a critical period of their human development.

Frankly, I believe these mom should be held criminally liable for receiving public funds to support their children, and then failing to place the emotional well being of their children ABOVE ALL ELSE, often resulting with kids like Freddie Gray maturing into a depressed teen and adult causing harm to himself while peddling addictive drugs to his struggling neighbors. More than likely regardless of his buyer's age, emotional or physical condition. Buyers who inevitably terrorized and/or physically harmed peaceful people when acquiring funds to purchase Freddie's people and community harming product or products.

Sadly, far too many children raised by criminally negligent moms often develop into depressed, angry, frustrated, unpredictable, sometime suicidal *(NY Times May 18, 2015 - Rise in Suicide by Black Children Surprises Researchers)* teens and adults causing emotional and physical harm to their peaceful neighbors, resulting with the police becoming involved.

Sadly, regularly dealing with depressed, emotionally disturbed teens and adults much like Kendrick, Tupac Shakur, Freddie Gray, Michael Singleton and Michael Brown took a toll on my emotional well being that resulted with me abandoning a Brooklyn community after spending twelve years of my life trying to protect peaceful people from Violent Felons who raised depressed kids like Kendrick Lamar, an emotionally damaged man who publicly speaks about his torment dealing with childhood and adult depression, as well as experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Kendrick Lamar Talks About ‘u,’ His Depression & Suicidal Thoughts (Pt. 2) | MTV Video News April 2015


Yes, inequality, human OPPRESSION and racism still exists in America, in our laws, institutions, and sadly in the hearts of some Americans.

I'm certain most sensible people realize human social evolution takes time. People who for centuries were deprived of their humanity, tortured and viewed as property do not heal over night.

However, we should not ignore a more recent OPPRESSION of American people that a growing number of YouTube broadcasters have been addressing, some very intelligently, others showing their pain as they passionately share sincere thoughts and concerns about the population of American teen girls and women they believe are harming their children, as well as perpetuating negative stereotypes about people of color.

Video Archive - American Men & Women Sharing Thoughts About Some African American Women & Moms

Yes, some police officers need to do a better job of remaining professional, adhering to their training, keeping cool, not allowing the human suffering and oppression of children and teens many police officers witness on a daily basis to erode their humanity or basic human respect for others.

Just as some single and married moms need to do a better job of parenting by raising, nurturing, socializing and supervising infants, toddlers and children who mature into fairly happy, responsible teens and adults respecting their peaceful neighbors and the authority figures responsible for maintaining peace in our neighborhoods.

If Americans sincerely wish to reduce community and gun violence that often leads to police fear and anxiety, that sometimes leads to police misconduct and/or aggression, the question all concerned, compassionate Americans should seriously be asking ourselves, our elected, civil, social, community and religious leaders is, "What real substantial changes in our society's attitude and laws need to occur to prevent abuse that often causes young kids to mature into depressed, frustrated, angry teens and adults as a result of experiencing the *emotional and/or physical trauma of an abusive childhood?*"

I'm sorry to pick on moms, though since ancient times they are the primary caregivers we look to keep us safe, cared for and loved right from our start.

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